Operating table Y is coming soon!

Our medical equipment portfolio is about to expand! The intensive period of operating table development is coming to an end.

The development process

Understanding the operating room procedures, the challenges faced by surgeons and their teams, and the specific needs of each operation has been made possible through collaboration with several surgeons from Slovenia and abroad. Additionally, we have worked closely with our international representatives, each with extensive market knowledge in different European countries, to identify and address the needs of our users effectively.

All this was complemented by our 45-year experience in the medical field, and finally, of course, by the innovation and originality of the Wilsonic design team, who have worked with us on four Red Dot awards.

What can you expect?

With the Operating Table Y, cutting-edge functionality is becoming available for every operating theatre. At this point, we are only revealing three essential features, but we assure you that you can expect only the best:

Versatility & efficiency:

A single operating table will contribute to OR efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Its dependable platform combined with exceptional versatility and mobility, makes the operating table suitable for any modern health center that invests in reliable equipment to meet the needs of a wide range of surgical procedures.


It provides surgeons and their teams with a reliable and intuitive workspace, allowing them to focus entirely on their tasks comfortably and confidently.

Expect outstanding functionality and efficiency combined with a smart design.

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