St. Andrew’s Hospital chooses Day hospital chairs ZeroG

The pain clinic department at St. Andrew’s Hospital, Belgium, recognized Day hospital chairs ZeroG to be the equipment to provide exceptional comfort and support to their patients and personnel.

St. Andrew’s Hospital providing quality care

As a regional hospital in the heart of West Flanders, St. Andrew’s Hospital offers a range of specialized care. More than 100 doctors and 850 employees every day strives to provide their patients with the best treatment and warmest care. Upholding the values of quality care, patient safety, and sustainability, St. Andrew’s continually invests in modern infrastructure, cutting-edge medical equipment, and motivated personnel.

Day hospital chairs in the pain clinic

Recently, the hospital expanded its care with a new pain clinic. The specialized department aims to help patients with a diverse spectrum of pain-related concerns. To ensure that their patients experience optimal comfort and support during their treatment, they have equipped the department with Day hospital chairs.

Patient experience

After receiving epidural, patients need to stay in a flat position very still for some time. After that they can change their position but need to stay for some rest. By pressing the cloud button on the hand switch, they can set the chair in the Zero G position. It relieves the pressure of gravity and distributes the weight evenly, which makes it the most comfortable position to rest in.


Pleased personnel

Besides the comfort, the personnel praise the user-friendly features of the chair. It is easily maneuverable due to big castors and two fifth wheels. Patients easily settle on the chair since it lowers to 58 cm. The patient safety is taken care of by the sturdy safety rails. Despite the looks of a big bed, it takes little space which is very convenient in departments like this.

May the day hospital chairs serve well

We are very pleased that St. Andrew’s Hospital recognized our products as the ones to provide best support during treatments in the new pain clinic. Special thanks goes to our Belgian dealer Stöpler Medical B.V.

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