Modern outpatient clinics with examination tables Novak M

Quality and reliability, they say at Medvode Health Center, are the reasons why they have remained our loyal customers for over 20 years.

Primary care

The Medvode Health Center represents the central pillar of primary healthcare. With 10 family medicine clinics, 3 pediatric clinics, gynecological, and several specialized clinics, the facility ensures the well-being of the population in this area. As they wrote: “Health is not merely the absence of disease, but the highest possible physical, mental, and social well-being of individuals or a larger number of people, balanced with the environment in which they live and work.”

Quality and reliability

Managing director and Chief Physician mag. Rajko Vajd, dr. med., spec. says that Novak M examination tables have been their choice for over 20 years because they know they can trust their quality and reliability. We are pleased that our collaboration is long-lasting and especially that examination tables and other products ensure efficient and comfortable work for their healthcare teams.

Upholstery colors add their charm

The recent purchase of examination tables is another confirmation of satisfaction. Visiting their practices, it became clear that various models of electric examination tables not only meet the needs for functionality but also aesthetically complement the rooms. The choice of upholstery color gives each medical office its unique expression and character.


Drive for further development

We are delighted that our examination tables contribute to the quality of patient care at Medvode Health Center. This is what drives us to further development and to finding the best solutions in the field of medical equipment. Thank you, Medvode Health Center, for your trust!

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