Refresh your practice with new Therapy table S2

Novak M’s portfolio of treatment tables is now richer for a new Therapy table S2 with an extra-long head section. The section can be raised up to an angle of 84°, which allows practitioners to put their patients in an upright sitting position. Depending on your needs, you can choose among three models, electric, hydraulic and basic.

Introducing Therapy table S2 with a long back section

This spring season has brought a new table to Novak M’s therapy range of tables. Therapy table S2 features a two-section lying surface with an extra-long head section which offers masseurs and practitioners an option to place their clients in a sitting position. With an awarded outstanding design, its ease of use and top-notch quality, the table is an excellent choice for quick and efficient work.

Stability, mobility and extreme comfort

The new Therapy table S2 is designed for strength and stability, so your patients can safely roll over onto their back or vice versa. The table stands firmly on four rubber feet, so you can freely apply stronger pressure during treatment. When needed, you can activate retractable castors, and move the table across the room.


The upholstery is covered with 8 cm thick seamless padding of the highest quality, pleasant to the touch. You can choose either soft or firm foam padding, depending on the requirements for your treatment specialization. Your clients will feel completely relaxed also due to the standard breathing hole with a memory foam edge on the head section.

Consider the height adjustment

It is crucial to have a table, where you can regulate the appropriate working height. That way you protect your own health and offer your clients safe and comfortable access on the lying surface. The height of the Therapy table S2 can be adjusted electrically or hydraulically. If you do not want to depend on electricity Therapy table S2 – hydraulic is perfect, as you regulate the height simply by pressing repeatedly on a pedal from either side of the table.

By choosing an electric version, you have two options. Therapy table S2 – electric features a smartly designed circular switch, that can be accessed from all sides of the table. You operate it by foot with a simple push up and down. Therapy table S2 – basic has an easy-to-use foot switch that allows you to adjust the height quickly and smoothly for each individual patient. Both options leave your hands free during treatment.

Clear about your requirements?

If you wish to choose the new Therapy table S2 to freshen your practice, now is the time to make it happen. Should you still need help in selecting the right model with the right accessories, please contact us or our representative partner in your area.

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