Therapy table at Ian Oskar Katanec Studio

We visited Ian Oskar Katanec at his new premises in Ljubljana under Šmarna gora. A pleasantly bright ambience in a black and white combination, where the new therapy table perfectly blends in, but mostly, we were impressed by the positive attitude and enthusiasm of the young sports massage therapist.

Meet Ian Oskar Katanec

Ian Oskar Katanec is a certified Sports Massage Therapist, Classic Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Strength Coach and currently also studies Manual therapy at the Academy of Manual Therapy in Ljubljana. The words implement, optimize, keep really describe his approach best. » People who come for my services are mostly people in pain. Using manual techniques combined with appropriate strength exercises, I help them regain their health and wellness back. I try to teach them how they can help themselves,” and continues through laughter, “so they won’t come back.”

Choosing a table with his health in mind…

“Primarily, I need to take care of myself, as my profession demands using my entire body and I need to do everything to keep healthy. We have been warned during our studies to take it seriously,” says Ian Oskar. He chose an electric three-section therapy table which allows him to adjust height quickly. “The width of the table is 65 cm, so I reach my clients during manipulations more easily,” he  adds.

Ian Oskar Katanec sitting on a therapy table

… and his clients

Clients need to be provided with maximum comfort during treatments. The model he chose features soft-foam padding and the sports massage therapist emphasizes the comfort of the breathing hole. Its edge is padded with memory foam which additionally relives the pressure on the client’s face. “It is very important that the table allows the JackKnife position, because it brings a great relief of the spine to the people suffering from back pain,” says Ian Oskar.


All the best with the challenges ahead

Ian Oskar Katanec is always looking forward to new challenges. Let the therapy table serve him well when he helps people reduce and relieve from pain.

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