Stretcher SL by the numbers

To ensure safe, comfortable, and efficient patient transport from point A to point B – that is the main purpose of Stretcher SL, a patient transport trolley used in healthcare centers, hospitals, and emergency departments.

Safety for the patient

The stretcher can be lowered to 57 cm for patients to easily settle on. Then, with a few pushes on the hydraulic pedal, it can be raised up to 104 cm. The pedal is located on both sides of the trolley for easier operation. Additionally, the hydraulic drive means that staff do not have to worry about charging the battery. To ensure patient safety and prevent falls, the stretcher is equipped with safety rails. They extend along the middle section and cover more than half of the mattress. The quality of the safety rails is proven by the obtained EU and US patents.

Easy adjustment

The two-part lying surface is 202 cm long and allows for positioning in the Trendelenburg position. The top can be inclined up to -13° by means of gas springs. The head section is 75 cm long and can be raised up to 84°, allowing the patient to rest in a seated position. The mattress is 65 cm so the medical personnel can easily access patients in an emergency situation. The maximum safe working load of the trolley is 250 kg.


Comfortable and pleasant stay

Since patients may spend extended periods on the stretcher, the mattress is specially designed for comfort. It consists of an 8 cm thick memory foam that perfectly adapts to the body. The mattress is covered in durable PU material, and welded and glued seams prevent liquid penetration.

Efficient pushing

Stretcher SL features 4 large antistatic castors with a diameter of 150 mm, ensuring smooth movement. Each castor has a central control pedal that allows you to lock or release all four castors simultaneously. Adjustable handles at head-end and handles at foot-end provide a secure grip. Additionally, the trolley is equipped with rubber bumpers on all four corners.

Functional and simple design

The simple and functional design of the Stretcher SL ensures the safety and comfort of staff and patients from the moment the patient settles on it, during transport, rest, treatment and until the moment they leave. We invite you to visit our showroom and experience it.

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