The safety rails make Stretcher X2 a super safe patient trolley

Stretchers are the crucial equipment for transporting patients safely and effectively in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The patented safety rails make our Stretcher X2 100% patient safe.

Length and height contribute to safety

The safety rails stretch along more than of the stretcher’s length protecting the patients against falls. They can be easily raised and they lock in the upper position to prevent unintentional folding. When lifted, their height is 42 cm above the mattress platform which is also in the range of the required measurements of the standard IEC 60601-2-52 for adult hospital beds. This is important to prevent climbing over, especially with disoriented patients.

Safety rails with EU & US patent

The object of the patent is the connecting element that ensures a sturdy connection of the rail elements which increases its durability. This is important because the rail has to allow quick switching from folded to deployed position to ensure safety and easy patient transfer. It also needs additional sturdiness and strength while in practice the rail is often used for moving the trolley.

nurse is lifting up the safety rails

Our research* has shown that the number of service cases has significantly decreased with the implementation of the safety rails featuring this patented solution. An 84,5% decrease in cases regarding damaged or broken rails on stretchers since 2017, when the 1st generation of stretchers X was introduced, is a remarkable step forward.


+ easier to clean

The top-quality stainless-steel guarantees the sturdiness of the rails and is very undemanding to clean. Cleaning is a major concern in medical equipment due to the prevention of disease spreading. The patented solution contributes to the ease of cleaning also, since it is a single piece element providing as few unsmooth surfaces as possible.

Reliable & durable equipment

Patient safety always comes first and Stretcher X2 certainly is THE reliable equipment for any hospital ward. For any further information on Novak M stretchers, visit our website or contact our sales team.



*White paper: Analysis on the safefy rails S and X repairs, data available on request


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