S-line treatment tables part of Cronos Med beauty story

The Cronos Med Group from Romania opened their third clinic in Iasi in October. Years of experience and international expertise of their personnel ensure safe and professional treatment. Our S-line treatment tables will contribute to reaching the highest standards of their services.

Cronos Med Group of clinics

The founder of Cronos Med group is dr. Constantin Stan, internationally renowned and awarded plastic surgeon. His exceptional expertise, dedication and an inner drive for innovation led to today’s three clinics Cronos Institute, Cronos Day Surgery, Cronos Beauty that bring expertise in the field of aesthetics in Romania.

The secrets of a new quality of life

Cronos Med strives to be a place that helps patients discover the secrets of a new quality of life. Their professionals in different fields such as Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Nutrition, ENT, General Surgery or Oculo-Plastic Surgery, approach health and beauty in an integrative way. They bring special attention to each patients’ needs, down to the smallest detail of every intervention plan.

Top-notch medical equipment for perfect support

To ensure quality and safe procedures their high-level surgeons and specialists use the most novel techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Novak M company is proud to have been able to meet the clinic’s needs and demands in the choice of different treatment tables. A three-section electric Examination tables S3 allow patients a comfortable sitting position. They are additionally equipped with a laminate side table so the medical staff can lay down instruments during treatment. Examination table SXL-Basic is a two-section electric table whose head rest is long and can be raised up high to allow a seated position, too. Massage table S2 was chosen for its exceptional comfort due to 8 cm thick, soft-foam padding and a breathing hole. Stools featuring a star base complete the working environment in medical offices.

We would like to thank our Romanian partner Tehnoplus Medical that made sure the Cronos Med Clinic recognized Novak M’s examination and massage tables as the equipment that will support their staff perfectly.

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