Treatment tables: Perfect comfort during laser treatments

When selecting a treatment table for laser treatments, pay special attention to its features that will provide comfort for your clients. There are 4 key features you shouldn’t overlook.

1.      Comfortable padding

Most importantly, ensure that your clients feel comfortable and at ease during the treatment. The padding should be thick and soft enough. Laser treatments, such as hair removal for example, can take some time.

2.      Breathing hole

Don’t forget that your clients will lie both on their back and stomach during laser treatments. Ensure there is a breathing hole in the head section so that they can feel comfortable in this position too. The edge of breathing holes with Novak M treatment tables are padded by memory foam that gently conforms to the face.

3.      Tabletop width

When choosing the width of the treatment table, consider two aspects. The first is your own physical build and height, so you can easily reach the patient regardless of what part of the body the treatment is being performed on. The second is having a wide enough tabletop for the client to feel safe and secure when they must roll over.

4.      Multi-section tabletop

When deciding on the type of tabletop, keep in mind all the clients coming to your clinic and most frequent laser treatments. If opting for a two-section treatment table, this will help you choose the length of the head section. The longer the head section, the easier it is to ensure a semi-seated position. With three- and four-section tables, you can place your clients in a comfortable and ergonomic seated position resembling the ZeroG position.


Enhance the overall treatment experience

Select a treatment table that will add comfort to your professional approach. Ensure that the overall experience for clients visiting your clinic is exceptional.

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