We trust Novak M treatment tables!

The ARSDERMA-DCP Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics Centre, located in the centre of Ljubljana, has trusted our tables for years. With the purchase of the Therapy Table S2 earlier this year, they have provided their clients with utmost comfort.

For the health and beauty of your skin

Since 1998, the center has been successfully looking after the health and beauty of the skin under the guidance of experienced experts in the fields of dermatology, plastic and aesthetic surgery. Personalized treatment and an interdisciplinary approach, together with state-of-the-art and modern equipment, ensure that treatment leads to the best possible results.

More comfort during laser treatments

The decision to purchase a new table was made since the number of laser treatments has increased dramatically in recent years. As they can take considerable amount of time, they wanted to provide their clients with as much comfort as possible. They chose the electric Therapy Table S2.

Pleasantly soft upholstery

This is a two-section table with a long back section, 8 cm thick padding and a breathing hole. The personnel immediately noticed the difference in the upholstery, as the table is pleasantly soft and very comfortable. We were told that laser hair removal can take up to two hours, so comfort of clients is essential. Clients lie on both their back and stomach during the procedure, so the breathing hole is very appreciated. The table also allows a comfortable sitting position.


Other advantages

Moreover, the table features retractable castors and a circular switch. The table can be moved very easily if necessary. And thanks to the circular switch, the height can be easily adjusted at any time during the treatment, even if both hands are busy.

Long-standing trust

Thank you to the ARSDERMA-DCP Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics Centre for many years of trust and cooperation. We wish you continued success and satisfied customers!

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