Novak M treatment tables at NYD Clinic

Novak M treatment tables support the medical and therapeutic services in the modernly designed NYD Clinic in Ljubljana.

Comprehensive care at NYD Clinic

This year, NYD Clinic opened its doors in the remarkable Peca building at Litostrojska Street in Ljubljana. With a comprehensive approach, they combine specialized examinations, ultrasound diagnostics, treatment of injuries and pain, therapeutic services, aesthetic medicine, and laser procedures.

Brand identity hand in hand with quality

In the modernly designed clinic’s facilities, patients can feel that they will be taken care of well. Highly skilled staff, quality equipment, and the use of new technologies ensure services of high professional standards. “We chose Novak M tables with a purpose, since we recognized their design excellence as a value that can add to our ambulatory space.” The tables were honored with the Red Dot Design Award for their clean and simple design.

In the world of ultrasound examinations and laser procedures

The electric Examination Table S is used for both ultrasound examinations and laser procedures. For more demanding ultrasound examinations, the table is equipped with an ultrasound opening. When the opening is not needed, it can be covered with a matching cushion. The tabletop thus becomes whole and comfortable for other treatments. The table’s width and adjustable head section allow the staff to easily access every part of the patient’s body during laser hair removal or facial rejuvenation. To ensure that tabletop is ready and clean for each patient and for its protection, the table has a paper roll holder under the head section.

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In the physiotherapy practice

The clinic also features a physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice which closely cooperates with the specialized orthopedic office. They treat all types of injuries and chronic and acute pains resulting from surgical procedures, lifestyle, or sport activities. Therapists have chosen a three-section therapy table that allows the Jackknife position. “That the table features a breathing hole was also crucial for us since we aim to provide a pleasantly comfortable position during treatments throughout the entire back part of the body.”

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On the path to a better quality of life

We thank the NYD Clinic personnel for choosing our treatment tables to support their examinations and treatments. We wish them that in fulfilling their mission, they help as many patients as possible to health and a higher quality of life.

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