The Elegance of Massage Table S2 in Osteopathy and Podotherapy Practice

Convenience, functionality, design… these three key attributes guided Christina Lindner-Hufnagel’s decision to furnish her practice with the Massage Table S2.

Choice of equipment led by commitment to patient well-being

Located in Vienna, the Praxis für Osteopathie und Podotherapie specializing in osteopathy and active insole supply strives to become a hub for holistic healthcare. Not only by its functionality and comfort but also with its exceptional design, Massage table S2 is the perfect equipment that supports daily work in the practice and contributes to its aesthetics.

To support treatment

Massage table S2 represents the heart of the practice where diagnostics and treatments are performed. The owner emphasized that the major benefit of the table is its 360° accessibility. The therapist can access her patients easily anywhere around the table undisturbed. Since the electric table features a circular switch that is integrated in the base, it can be operated from all sides of the table ensuring precise positioning anytime during treatment.

Select model and configure

Enhancing patient experience

To ensure comfort for patients is a priority of every practice. Christina Lindner-Hufnagel is sure that the padding of Massage table S2 enhances her patients’ overall experience. It is pleasant and comfortable due to high quality imitation leather and two-layer foam. Besides, the table features a three-part head section which ensures additional relaxation of the spine.

To support healthcare professionals

Thanks to our Austrian dealer Meditec Medizintechnik, a reliable partner for healthcare professionals that provided the practice with the cutting-edge equipment. And thanks to Christina Lindner-Hufnagel for placing trust in our products.

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