Therapy chairs ZeroG by the numbers

Explore the defining dimensions and features of Therapy Chair ZeroG, carefully designed to offer maximum patient comfort during lengthy therapeutic treatments, such as dialysis or oncology treatments.

Easy patient access & ergonomics for the staff

To ensure that patients can easily settle on the chair, the seat height is 61 cm. The height adjustable model Luxury offers a height range between 61 cm and 86 cm. Attending to the patient in the ergonomic position prevents potential workplace health issues that arise from poor posture.

Easy mobility

The therapy chair features 10 cm diameter castors so it moves effortlessly across floors whether within the same room or to a different area. It is additionally equipped with a push handle, making it simple for nurses to maneuver.


Designed for tight spaces and maximum comfort

With tight spaces in mind that hospitals often face, the therapy chair is designed with a small footprint. Its mattress is 55 cm wide and 207 cm long and provides ample space for the patient. Together with the safe working load of 250 kg, they ensure maximum comfort and safety.

Comfort during lengthy therapies

The chair boasts 14 cm foam padding with an open-cell structure that prevents sweating and overheating. Patients can rest their arms on padded armrests that are 58 cm long and 20 cm wide. Moreover, to maximize patient’s comfort, the chair allows the ZeroG position that ensures the even distribution of patient’s weight and can be optionally equipped with a footrest.

Smoother, faster & easier

With its carefully designed features, the Therapy chair ZeroG supports patients and their caregivers. Experience its benefits and let it make the workflow in your clinic smoother, faster and easier too.

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