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Stretcher X2 – with caregivers in mind

The reality of transporting patients within a hospital starts with narrow corridors, lifts, ramps and sometimes very long distances between triage and hospital wards. The key question is which features of the stretcher will make it faster and easier for the nurse to get a patient from A to B.

Day hospital chair ZeroG by the numbers

Day hospital setting is a specific environment where comfort, safety and versatility are prioritized. Day hospital chair ZeroG brings solutions for patient admittance, transport and recovery all in one.

Electric or hydraulic treatment table?

Thinking about which mode of operation to choose for your treatment table? Let the pros and cons of electric and hydraulic tables, which we present in the following lines, help you to make a good decision.

Examination tables by the numbers

Every doctor’s surgery features an examination table. The question is how and to what extent it supports the doctors at their job and the patients who settle on it. We have compared Examination table SL with four electric tables by other European manufacturers.

Hospital stretcher: how to choose the right model

A stretcher is the key piece of equipment for patient transfers in hospitals. However, their application varies greatly from one hospital ward to another. Therefore, before deciding for a model, consider carefully how it should be equipped so it allows a good workflow in your unit. Here are four points you should think about.

Patient positions for full treatment support

As a physiotherapist, you know your patient’s needs, have the expertise, master techniques and methods to improve specific body functions and reduce pain. Do you also have a treatment table that supports your treatments 100% with different positions?

Cancer Day 2023

The annual Cancer Day on February 4th is an incentive for everyone to reflect and inform about the disease and to take action regarding prevention and support.