Cardiology office dr. Stéphane Chevallier, Switzerland

Our Novak M Swiss sales team helped the medical staff at cardiology office dr. Stéphane Chevallier, Switzerland, choose the right equipment. Red Dot awarded Examination table S, Blood sample chair N and Medicine stool will support and ease their work during examinations and laboratory procedures.

At cardiology office of dr. Stéphane Chevallier in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland they require the best and most efficient medical equipment to successfully perform various cardiovascular tests. That is why they are very pleased with Novak M products, which enable the personnel to properly examine their patients: “Novak M team certainly fulfilled our expectations. High-quality products and all the help and advice from their Salesperson convinced us that we will be able to work smoothly and even faster than before.”

Their premises were equipped with Red-Dot awarded Examination table S, which was assembled with ultrasound opening for cardiovascular tests. Its height can be electrically adjusted with circular switch, while the easy head adjustment allows the patient more comfortable positioning during tests.

To run blood tests more smoothly, they purchased Blood sample chair N as well. With its low position and support handles, chair allows patients to sit easily and safely for laboratory procedures. Adjustable armrests offer easier preparation for personnel to insert cannula to patient. The work at the office will also be simplified due to the purchase of Medicine stool with rubber castors. This way they can move closer to the patient anytime and perform work with ease.

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