Entries by Ursa Koporec

Refresh your practice with new Therapy table S2

Novak M’s portfolio of treatment tables is now richer for a new Therapy table S2 with an extra-long head section. The section can be raised up to an angle of 84°, which allows practitioners to put their patients in an upright sitting position. Depending on your needs, you can choose among three models, electric, hydraulic and basic.

Endure complete comfort of Stretcher X2

A stretcher or a patient transport trolley should be present in every hospital structure. At the same time, it must be practical and functional to speed up the staff’s work at an emergency ward, while it also has to ensure maximum comfort to patients. Choosing the perfect mattress type will guarantee the best user experience.

Height adjustable table is a luxury for practitioners and their patients

Examination, massage or a therapy table is essential equipment at your practice for welcoming patients in a comfortable and 100 % safe manner. Having a height adjustable table means offering your patients appropriate height to help them take up their position. At the same time, this marvelous function saves your body from occupational injuries as you can set the table into an optimal position during treatment.

Massage and therapy tables with hydraulic height adjustment

Ergonomic construction, innovative solutions and exceptional stability are impressive qualities of massage and therapy tables by Novak M. The tables have been known for years for their ease of use and top-quality so that practitioners can work efficiently, while their patients enjoy complete comfort. Therapists can now choose to equip their practice with hydraulic models of massage and therapy tables by Novak M as well.

Examination tables at LAM Care

At the end of last year, we visited the newly opened practice of occupational, transport and sports medicine LAM Care in Kranj. Their bright rooms have been equipped with top-notch Examination tables S, which will support them at work and help bring treatment to a higher level.

Superior massage table is one of the spas icons

Having a massage table in the wellness center or spa is fundamental for all masseurs and therapists. Therefore, it is very important to satisfy their needs, when equipping the beauty center, but on the other hand one must consider the expectations and comfort of the customers as well. You may find the perfect balance in Massage tables S by Novak M.

Complementary products for physiotherapy and massage treatments

Additional available products for physiotherapy and rehabilitation perfectly complement the therapy, treatment and massage tables offered to you by Novak M. They help you provide both, a relaxing position to your patients and perfect compliance of your workplace.

Massage tables – perfect combination of comfort and support

Massage and treatment tables by Novak M are designed based on years of experience. They impress with their ergonomic construction, intuitive handling and awarded design. Exceptional stability and functionality ensure that practitioners can carry out their work efficiently, while the patients enjoy perfect comfort.

Novak M celebrates the Red Dot Design Week

During this year’s Red Dot Design week, we are celebrating our strong performance in the Red Dot Award: Product Design in a very special way. Instead of honoring the awarded S-line tables and our fellow designers and manufacturers at the Red Dot Gala event, we are a part of this fascinating world of design virtually.