COVID-19 update

Autumn has begun, but it is completely different from the autumns we are used to. The whole Europe is again facing red numbers of COVID-19 infections. Our established habits are changing in everyday life as well as in business.

Covid -19 and our commitment

Covid-19 hasn’t affected our mission to provide doctors and other medical personnel with top quality equipment that brings treatment to a higher level. We are aware that our company also represents a ring in the chain that supports medical staff in these extraordinary circumstances so they can focus solely on taking care of patients. We are in close contact with our suppliers so that our production operates undisturbed. We place a special focus to short delivery periods. We would like to thank our team who takes care that we can stick to agreed dispatch dates.

Novak M puts the health of its employees first

Nothing works without a good team. At Novak M we are well aware of that and that is why we still keep to the epidemic safety measures to take care of our employees’ health. Travelling abroad on business have been replaced by on-line conferences. Masks and hand disinfections have become a regular part of everyday working process. We also want to provide safety for all our customers who visit our showroom.

Operation “Covid-19 for purchase of protective equipment”

Novak M applied to the public call Covid-19 for purchase of protective equipment, whose intention is to ensure the safety of employees and safe business operation of micro, small and medium size enterprises in the time of Covid-19 pandemic and/or as preventive action against spreading of the coronavirus. On the project, enterprises are co-financed the purchase of protective equipment (washable face masks, disposable face masks, protective gloves, disinfectants, non-contact thermometers) in order to provide protection against the coronavirus and spreding COVID-19. Novak M’s investment in protection equipment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. (

Covid-19 remains a challenge for all

Showing responsibility and solidarity in one’s behavior has become utmost important. Each and every individual contributes his or her share to not spreading the virus.

We should stick together and let the common good be our first concern!


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